onCreate 与 onCreateView 的区别

作者:vkvi 来源:ITPOW(原创) 日期:2018-3-2

onCreate 先执行,完成与 UI 无关的内容。

onCreateView 后执行,完成与 UI 相关的内容。


The onCreate() method in a Fragment is called after the Activity's onAttachFragment() but before that Fragment's onCreateView().In this method, you can assign variables, get Intent extras, and anything else that doesn't involve the View hierarchy (i.e. non-graphical initialisations). This is because this method can be called when the Activity's onCreate() is not finished, and so trying to access the View hierarchy here may result in a crash.


After the onCreate() is called (in the Fragment), the Fragment's onCreateView() is called. You can assign your View variables and do any graphical initialisations. You are expected to return a View to this method, and this is the main UI view, but if your Fragment does not use any layouts or graphics, you can return null.